Network of the National Library of Medicine
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1. What is NNLM Delivery?
A free document delivery service for members of the Network of the National Library of Medicine. This service enables libraries to send links to ILL articles they lend, rather than emailing large attachments. NNLM Delivery can also be used to support local electronic document delivery.

2. Why should I use NNLM Delivery?

    Use NNLM Delivery to:
  • send a file that is too large for email
  • send a file to an institution that blocks email attachments
  • access a file from multiple computers without carrying around a flash drive

3. How can I sign up for NNLM Delivery?
Create an NNLM Account, and then return to and click “Login” in the top right corner of the browser window.

Please note: NNLM Delivery users must be affiliated with an NNLM Member Institution. If your organization is not already a member, join the network today! It’s free!

4. Can I search for files uploaded by other NNLM Delivery users?
No; NNLM Delivery is a secure file-sharing product. To access any file hosted on NNLM Delivery, the file owner must share it via a direct link.

5. What kinds of files can be sent?
Preferably PDF files. Please refer to our Terms of Service for more information.

6. How long are files stored on the NNLM Delivery server?
Files are stored for three weeks, after which time they will be automatically deleted from the server.

7. How do I upload or delete a file?
See the NNLM Delivery User Guide for more information.

8. How can I address issues with an article I requested?
Contact the sender directly.

9. How can I address issues or errors with the NNLM Delivery service?
Contact the NNLM Web Services Office at